On 25th April - Autism Awareness Photo Campaign - To take the Pledge to #NowGetIn

The boxes in Yellow & Blue, represent two different worlds today

It is time for People on the Yellow lines, to make sincere efforts, to Now Get In to the Blue lines

The yellow line boxes symbolise the outer world that we live in and the blue line boxes, represent the world that we need to understand with empathy

Come & Now Get In

This journey inside is about the knowledge to Identify, Understand and  Educate Children on the Blue Lines who are a part of the Autism Spectrum & Disabilities world

Blue Lines

Blue Lines today require hope and strength.

The Documentary film "Let's Leap Forward" presents a series of StorIes of Children on the Blue Lines & the possible role for Society living on the Yellow Lines

Join our campaign today

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Pledge - I am willing to Now Get In

We wish each one of you become Me The Changemaker, by getting in to the Blue boxes and work towards erasing the Blue lines of Separation. 

Watch This Award Winning Film

Let's Leap Forward - A Documentary Film by Anil Annaiah. Watch this film that brings about deep sets of conversations and extends itself to help audiences explore a better understanding of AUTISM as a part of daily life & society.